Repair, Tune-up, or Maintenance  for Your Current HVAC System

Our services include:

  • Service on residential and light commercial air conditioning and heating units
  • Sale and installation of residential and light commercial air conditioning and heating units
  • Replacement and zoning for residential duct systems
  • Heat Load Calculations and Home Analysis
  • Indoor air quality products and service
  • Air balancing of residential duct systems
  • Installation of UV (ultraviolet) lights and air purification units
  • Blown Insulation


Our comfort specialists are ready to help with complete state of the art system design. We can offer heat load calculation and duct design to maximize your air conditioning and heating performance.


Once we complete the installation of a new system, a quality inspection is performed by our department manager. All installations are permitted and inspected according to city and state regulations.

Repair and Replacement

Our service technicians are highly skilled and know how to correctly troubleshoot your heating and air conditioning system. Annual training keeps them up-to-date with the constant challenges of HVAC technology. If a major repair is needed, we will give you all of the available options so that you can decide whether it is in your best interest to repair the equipment.

If your system is in need of replacement or if it is old and inefficient and you want to replace it before something happens we will be happy to give you an estimate. If you have more than one company come out to your house you’ll notice how much longer we take than other companies gathering information examining your home and your existing system. It’s important for us to look at your duct system, your existing electrical and wiring and any other problems that might exist. A system can only be efficient and perform the way it was designed to if it is installed properly and addresses your individual needs.

Preventative Maintenance

Your systems Fall and Spring check-ups are important not only to maintain the energy efficiency of your equipment and prevent equipment failures, but also to make sure your equipment is operating safely so your family has peace of mind.

City Public Service recommends having only a licensed professional contractor clean the air conditioner in the summer and perform regular maintenance on the furnace during the fall – every year. They agree maintenance will help keep your utility bill low and reduces the number of breakdowns.