Why Tune Up Your AC?

Summers here average in the steamy mid-90s. Ouch. When the summer temperatures rise in , it’s important that your cooling system is working optimally. It’s proven that regular tune-ups of your AC unit will maintain it right near its original, working efficiency. With fewer repairs and maintenance work needed, you will recover your annual tune-up costs almost instantly. Regularly scheduled AC tune-ups can also prevent major air conditioning breakdowns. Through inspections, your thorough AC technician can prevent a compressor from burning out by repairing a refrigerant leak. Much like an automobile tune-up, it’s much more affordable to replace or fix a small part than to replace a major system component later. By neglecting regular maintenance, which includes tune-ups, can void your product warranty. Many AC units come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer and require you to keep your AC maintained by a certified technician. If your warranty is broken, you may have difficulty obtaining replacement parts. Please check with a cooling and heating company like for more details A regularly tuned AC unit lasts longer than one that isn’t. Regular maintenance leads to fewer repairs while neglecting proper AC maintenance can reduce its lifespan. Regular AC tune-ups ensure...

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San Antonio HVAC Air Conditioner Installs San Antonio TX

Although the signs of winter may not yet be showing in many parts of the country, the weather researchers are already thinking ahead. The predicted temperatures for any season affect many services and products. When it comes to San Antonio HVAC air conditioner installs San Antonio TX homeowners recognize the importance of regular checks and maintenance on the comfort appliances in the household. The winter of 2016-2017 is expected to produce lower temperatures than normal in

Dry Weather Creating Elevated Fire Risk For Local Residents

The extreme dry temperatures in the US cause concerns every year. Although the heat might be perfect for festive celebrations, it is still a fire risk. This means if you are planning on having a barbecue with your family, you will want to be extra careful. There is no denying that the dry weather creating elevated fire risk can also claim lives of the local residents.

What Summer Heat Advisories Are And How You Should Respond To Them

Newscasters do more than report on recent, local and world events. They also inform the public of developments that could be potentially detrimental to their health. Summer heat advisories are among these reports, given that excessively high temperatures can result in serious health concerns. People who become overheated during the summer months can experience problems like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, asthma attack or even extreme dehydration. When your local news team issues such an advisory, there are several things that you should do right away.

Understanding Population Growth In South Texas After The Invention Of Air Conditioning

Advances in modern technology have made it easier for people to see nearly all parts of the continental US as being entirely habitable. In reality, however, there are some places that people simply could not live if HVAC systems did not exist. Temperature extremes tend to make certain areas downright dangerous for humans, particularly if they lack ways to stay cool indoors. Following is everything you need to know about population growth in South Texas after the invention of air conditioning.

Discover The Benefits Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

If you wait until your AC has broken down before servicing it, you could be making a hugely expensive mistake. Just like many other mechanical devices, the most cost-effective way would be to get the most out of your unit by taking proper care of it. Here are some of the benefits of air conditioner maintenance that everyone should know about.

Geothermal Home Heating And Cooling Systems ? Good For The Environment And Your Budget?

The best HVAC systems keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These units will also cut utility bills by up to 50 percent and help save the environment. In fact, there are thousands of homeowners already reaping into the benefits of higher comfort levels and lower electricity bills. Are you considering geothermal home heating and cooling systems ? Good for the environment and your budget? Find out if this is indeed true by reading the rest of the article.

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home Cooling And Heating Needs

Turning your HVAC system on to either heat up or cool down your house probably accounts for the vast majority of your home energy bill. In most areas, there are few days throughout the year in which living environments are likely to maintain comfortable temperatures all on their own. The good news is that you may be able to save a considerable amount of cash on your HVAC use by simply adopting the right habits. Following are a few simple, energy saving tips for your home cooling and heating needs.

Obtaining Authentic San Antonio AC Repair Services From An Ideal Firm

When living in a hot humid area you need to have your cooling system working at its best. Texas as whole, is generally a very hot area. You should know how to access San Antonio ac repair services, to avoid sitting in an uncomfortable, overheated house. You should also know some basics of what may be wrong with your machine.

Tips For Locating The Most Suitable San Antonio AC Repair Company

Your air conditioning equipment is your source of comfort in the house. It helps to regulate the interior house environment during adverse weather conditions. You may not find it easy when this device is not working. You must therefore endeavor to find the most reliable San Antonio AC repair for such times. The following tips are red flags that will tell you something is not right. Be sure to consider them as you choose.