Schertz AC Service & Repair

Carrier AC System Repair in Schertz, TXHave you scheduled your AC maintenance appointment with the best AC service in Schertz yet? Having your air conditioning system maintained routinely can ensure that your system is functioning properly and efficiently. It can also help prevent bigger problems in the future. Our friendly and professional technicians come backed with years of experience and they are the experts in all things HVAC. Put your cooling needs in our hands and you won’t be disappointed. From small issues to major meltdowns, our technicians can help keep you cool. Before you get stuck in a hot situation, call for Schertz air conditioner maintenance today!

Expert AC Installation in Schertz, TX

Are you consistently spending money on AC repairs? After repairs, is your AC still not doing its job? Your home probably needs an updated and new air conditioner. Breathe better quality air, and save money on repairs and your energy bill with a new air conditioning installation in Schertz. Who better to trust with this task than County Wide Service Company? We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and NATE Certified technicians. We are state licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest easy in the cool comfort of your home. Call us today for the best solution for your needs and an estimate.

Air Conditioning Repair in Schertz

Stop trying to ignore that loud noise your AC is making and call for Schertz air conditioning repair today! Did you know that small problems can get worse over time and may impact the lifespan of your unit if they are left unattended to? Your AC is a complex system filled with intricate components that all rely on one another to work properly. During the summer months when air conditioners are running non-stop, it is more important than ever to make sure nothing is coming in the way of keeping your home cool and comfortable. County Wide Service Company is the Schertz AC service you can count on to make sure your family stays cool.

AC Troubleshooting

hvacCounty Wide Service Company is the air conditioner service Schertz TX residents have come to rely on for courteous and efficient service, so we want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money when you call us to look at your air conditioner. If something is up and your air conditioner is not working the way it should, we are happy to come take a look at it, but before you give us a call, make sure one of these simple problems isn’t causing the issue:

  • Dirty or old air filters are blocking the airways.
  • A loss of power to the unit, caused by a power outage or tripped circuit or breaker.
  • Dead batteries in battery-operated components, like a thermostat.
  • Dirty coils.

Schertz AC Maintenance Service

When you need maintenance on your air conditioning system, call County Wide Service Company. We are the best company for AC repair in Schertz TX. We will perform a thorough cleaning and inspection of your unit, including:

  • Checking that your thermostat maintains a consistent temperature.
  • Checking that all electrical connections are tightened.
  • Lubricating all moving parts to avoid friction.
  • Inspecting and clearing the condensate drain.
  • Inspecting the controls to ensure the system is cycling on and off properly.
  • Checking and cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils of dirt and debris.
  • Checking the refrigerant level.
  • Clean and adjust blower component.

By trusting our experts, you know your system will receive the absolute best care available. Call us today to schedule your appointment.